Sunday, January 24, 2016

James Says / Amelie Says

Sam explained the no dogs sign at our neighborhood park (no dogs on the playground mulch - there are plenty of dogs making the loop around the trail each day) to James, who then saw the circle and line around a P for "no parking," and he was very confused. "Why there no P's?" And so Sam explained that too and now I hear "No parking!" shouted out every time we pass one of those signs.

James was playing pretend and he told me I could be "Jack Frost's mom -- Lady Frost." I'll take it.

But when there was frost on the window, I said that Jack Frost came, and I was immediately corrected - "Elsa did it."

James is very excited about the snow. "There's a WIZARD outside! ... It's a snow wizard!"

Pointing to a lego Darth Vader, James asks, "Who's the black guy?"

James has taken to saying, "I don't love it."

Sam asked who Amelie's PE teacher was, and she very seriously said, "Coach."

James: "Why are monsters not real?"
Amelie: "They're just a story people made up so that you will go to sleep. Go to sleep and then you won't think about them anymore."

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