Saturday, January 16, 2016

Christmas Morning

We opened presents on Christmas morning. The kids had quite a pile! I actually ended up putting a few back into the closet, maybe for a birthday, because they wanted to just stop and play with everything they opened as they went.

Sam looks confused by some of the Shopkins parts.

I guess they figured it out!

I don't know what he's holding here, but boy oh boy is he excited!

Blurry My Little Ponies.

Oh, yeah, they almost forgot about stockings!

The Shopkins and the My Little Ponies were the only things they'd asked for specifically (due to friend influence at Kindergarten). We got them some kinetic sand and my friend Cabell sent some dots paint, and those are what they're still playing with regularly three weeks later, plus the new Elsa dress from Grandma Mary has sparked renewed interest in the dress-up bin, which is one of their all-time favorite pastimes (and one of Sam's least favorite)!

Look at that mess!

Amelie was worn out and had to take a nap afterward.

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