Sunday, March 22, 2015


Two weeks ago, we went to Kansas City to sell a drum kit to a friend of mine from college, buy another drum kit from a friend of Sam's from high school, eat at Fritz's with Jen, and take the kids to LegoLand. 

Fritz's had nifty conductor hats. 

We ordered our burgers using the telephone at the booth and everything.

Sam didn't tell me how crooked my hat was. I hadn't  yet adjusted it to my adult-sized head.

Amelie was fascinated with the train that delivered our food and the apparatus that lowered it down to the table.

But anyway, enough about food.

We killed some time, then walked across the street to LegoLand.

It would probably be ideal for an 8-10 year old, but the kids certainly had a grand time, and could have stayed longer than we did.

Amelie and I built things out of various-sized legos at different stations (send the car you built down the racetrack, build a tower & then turn on the earthquake simulation, etc.), but the kids really probably could have played the whole time in the big play structure. Another big hit (not that you can tell from this picture) was the 4D movie. (The "4" meaning it snowed on us when it snowed in the 15-minute movie & wind blew on us when the racers went around the track. It was neat.)

Waiting on the show to start.

Don't let her too-cool posture fool you. (This was before the movie started.)

We had frozen custard afterward, of course.

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