Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bootheel Christmas 2013

Apparently, I never made a post about visiting the bootheel around Christmas. (And apparently I didn't take very many photos, either!) Here's an unfortunately slightly blurry picture of all of us who got together on my mom's side. We were glad Grandpa Leroy got to come home from the nursing home for the big gathering.

(Across the back, starting from the left): Uncle Darrin, Cousin Cameron, Grandma Doris, Grandpa Leroy, Cousin Josie, Aunt Tara, Nana Jana, Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Kerry, Uncle Ken, Cousin Bradley, Aunt Jess, Cousin Brad, Baby Hayes.
(Front row, from left): Aunt Lana, Cousin Darri, Oli (the dog), Amelie, Aunt Holly, Brittany, Great-Aunt Helen, Sam, James, Crystal, Cousin Layla.

James and his second cousin Hayes are just about the same size:

Well, at least all 4 of them are in the frame in this one! Hayes looks a little suspicious.

More cousins! Can you believe how big these two are getting?

Amelie and her cousin Josie were wild things! (They're just about the same size, too.)

And Holly worked on the scrapbook, as usual.

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