Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Amelie Says

Sam was talking to Amelie about school, and she told him, "Mama says I'm not big enough for Kindergarten. ... I'm too medium!" 

Also about school: "I want to go to my English school every day." (She means Sunday School, because they speak English there versus her French school.) When that wasn't quite right, she decided it was Spanish school.

When we were watching the couples Olympic figure skating, Amelie made the comment, "They are going to get married someday."

I asked if she wanted her toast whole or cut in half, and when I went to cut it straight up and down, ,she directed me, "No, cut it the dangle way." 

We get Sports Illustrated, and when the swimsuit edition came, Amelie was looking at it on the couch. Sam asked what she was looking at and she said, "I'm only reading the words!"

When we were eating at Subway, I asked Amelie what she thought Dada was doing. She said, "Working." I said, "Don't you maybe think he eats lunch, too?" I asked what he did at work, and she replied, "Earn money." I laughed and asked what she thought I did at work, and she said, "Teach!"

In other news and notes, she drew a person with a body, arms, legs, and a life vest. This is a huge leap - up til now, her drawings have been scribbles. 

Sam and I need to sit down and come up with a list of words James can say for his upcoming 18-month appointment. The most common one is probably, "MINE!" 

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