Sunday, November 3, 2013

Maize Maze

Technically, we were visiting the Corn Maze at Shryocks Farm, but I think that if you have the opportunity to call something a "maize maze," you should take it.

James loves to point at things.

Like pumpkins.

For some reason, he wanted to eat this one.

Amelie didn't want to leave the giant box full of corn kernels to go do the actual maze.

We eventually persuaded her.

She cheered up:

Consulting the map. Amelie yelled out at random other groups of people, "C'mon, guys! It's this way!" periodically throughout the day.

It was sun-shiney, but a little cool.

On the drive over, Sam said we should just let Amelie direct which way to go. After about 3 trips around in a small circle, we abandoned that plan.

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