Saturday, November 9, 2013


Welp, Amelie's first haircut came on her own terms. She was outside cutting tape and then leaves. I was actually watching her do it out the window, but didn't realize what was happening for a while (her back was to me.)

She said, "You were SURPRISED!"

I'm actually a little shocked at how well (?!) she did with the scissors. Stinker.

I think the only word to describe this style would be a mullet. 

Sam took her to Cost Cutters to even it up some. 

It looks a little bowl-ish (not that there's much they could have done with those bangs!) so I made her an appointment in six weeks at the Groom Room, which is the fancy kids haircut place. (And by fancy, I mean that they have an airplane chair.)

My friend Shauna and I thought it might curl up some after her bath, given Amelie's god-given hair genetics, but not so much. Here are some pictures of the kids this morning at breakfast:

And a view of the back:

My friend Caitlin said that we should just glue it onto  James. (Here's him the morning after the haircut, too.)

Sam thought it was strange, but I did save a lock of her hair.

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