Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy First Birthday, James! (posted way late)

James had a birthday back on Sunday, September 15th, and we had a party for him.

I had the brilliant plan to use the not-used-this-summer kiddie pool for a ball pit. It didn't hold air terribly well, but the kids seemed to enjoy it.

"Eventually enjoyed" might be more accurate wording.

Actually, Amelie and James both liked it. They've been playing together more, and it's absolutely adorable.

At this point going through the 200+ photos, I  just gave up and decided to post them all. I hope you don't mind. This series is fun:

Dance party in the ball pit!

Or, we could eat them!

I don't quite think James threw these where he meant to.

From left: Grandma Mary, JC, Aunt Holly, Great-Aunt Helen, & Nana Jana.

Then, the cousins arrived!


Why won't they let me in to my own party?

Sam manned the grill (as usual).

A birthday meal of corn on the cob, watermelon, cantaloupe, and grilled chicken.

The big girls got their own table:

Then we played on the deck.

And then we opened gifts. I love these blocks (more than the kids do at this point, I think).

It looks like James is thinking, "Is that card ... FOR ME?"


Here comes Mama with a party-hat sneak attack.

Party hat!

James didn't act upset about his, but he didn't wear it very long, either.

We kept ours on.

Dada made carrot-cake cupcakes and James made (just a little) mess.

Uncle Luke got conned into reading all of the birthday books:

Grandma Mary holds the birthday boy:

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