Monday, October 28, 2013

Amelie Says

"When you just have one it's a tooth. When you have a lot it's teeth."

"The porcupine is going to pork me. No it won't, because it's nice. It doesn't have any porkies."

Amelie was crying about having to take a stick back outside and not being able to have ice cream before dinner and various other injustices. I asked her if she wanted a frozen banana, and she said (while still crying): "Maybe." There was a long pause. "But probably not."

We went to the zoo on the way home from the bootheel last month, but we didn't say anything to the kids until we were pulling into the parking lot. Sam told Amelie where we were, and she yelled, "THE ZOO?! That's my favorite place!"

As I was putting her into her carseat: "I don't want to be buckled! I want to drive!" 

After school today I asked, "Did you have fun at school?" "No." "Why not? What did you do today?" "Well, the best part was eating and the baddest part was when they didn't let me made a ghost craft because it was just for the toddlers."

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