Monday, July 8, 2013

New Swimsuit

Grandma Pat got Amelie an Independence Day appropriate swimsuit! And Shauna got her a Hello Kitty sprinkler for the yard (last year, I think). Thank you for the gifts!

The water pressure in the back yard is not the greatest.

Maybe it will work as a water fountain.

I think she looks kind of like Wonder Woman in her new suit.

We made it to Little Swimmers at the ARC once pre-sickness. It was loads of fun, even if there isn't much photo documentation. (It's impossible to wrangle babies plus a camera, so I tried to snap one real quick before we hopped in. The kids were understandably impatient with the delay.)

And, I picked up the new camera today! I haven't unpacked it and figured out how to use it, but we should at least be taking and posting some pictures soon.

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