Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lincoln Day Trip to the Zoo *posted by Sam

Dada's off for Lincoln Day? Is that even a real holiday? Well, we might as well go to the zoo!

We bought a zoo membership, so we went to the children's zoo for the first time (membership comes with 6 parking passes, and various passes to the children's zoo, the railroad, and the sea lion show).

What is that monkey doing?

Doesn't Amelie look like she's 13 in this picture?

Notice how similar Amelie's hair is to the orangutans'.

Amelie wanted to go to the penguin and puffin house three times. In the summer, that isn't really possible, but when the temperature's warmer inside than outside, it isn't exactly crowded.

I promised her that next time we could go see the real elephants, but it's pretty clear that she likes the animal statues almost as much.

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