Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Since Amelie's class is so small, I made them Valentines for their party last week. Amelie played with the paper hearts and leftover construction paper.

I got some help from my Facebook friends with the French translation:

Amelie started out the day with her party dress from Nana Jana, but had to change into play clothes pretty much right away.  I can see that at least one of the other girls was back in play clothes by this point, too.

They decorated bags to tote their Valentines home in.

Despite using the heart stencil, Amelie said she was painting Cat in the Hat. Later, when she was talking about it, she said "kind of a Cat in the Hat."

She seemed excited to get the Valentine from her teacher, too. Amy gave her a turtle pin, which she wants me to clip on her shirt -- not her hair for some reason.

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