Monday, November 26, 2012

Some Stories

No pictures this post, but I will get up the ones I took in the bootheel ASAP.

While we were in the bootheel, Amelie came out of my grandma's room with three fuzzy red slippers over her arm and said, "Look! A thneed!" I don't have a picture of it, but she did look a little bit like she was wearing a thneed from The Lorax:

Walking home from Grandma Doris's Amelie was talking about Santa Claus. When I reminded her that Santa only brings presents to good little boys and girls, Amelie wailed, "Noooo!" Nana Jana told her she still had time (to be good). 

Amelie has an imaginary friend named George, who is Curious George, only very tiny. He fits in her pocket and we have to be careful not to step on him.

She likes to "work" on the computer, and sometimes tells me that she's going to work or checking her email. When I asked what she did at work. she said, "get money."

This morning, when I went into her room to get her up for preschool, she was not in her bed. After a moment of panic, I looked in the crib, under the crib, and all around on the floor. I opened up her closet door and there she was, playing in the dark. I said, "Good morning!" and she said, "I'm hiding!"

James is starting to be alert for longer periods each day, but he's still fairly cranky. He's napping in the swing in the bathroom with the exhaust fan going right now, doesn't that sound familiar?

He wakes up once or twice a night, but he'll give me a five or six hour stretch at the beginning of the night, and except for nursing is sleeping basically all night in his bassinet.(This is a big change from a month ago!)

James doesn't like his carseat, and for that reason we were dreading the long drive down to the bootheel. However, as long as I squeezed myself in the back seat between the two carseats he did just fine.

He was pleasant all day long yesterday, and I'm hoping that by Christmas he's in a better mood generally.

James doesn't like to be wet at all, and enjoys having his diaper changed. (Another big switch from a month ago.)

He's a greedy nurser, and likes to cuddle.

I weighed him on our bathroom scale, and it said 12 pounds. I'm not sure how accurate it is, though. We go to the doctor on Friday for his (somewhat belated due to Thanksgiving) 2-month appointment and will know his official weight then :)


  1. I especially like that Amelie doesn't believe she's been good enough for Santa

  2. I like that she think's she'll get money if she goes to work.