Friday, November 2, 2012


Amelie's school had a Halloween party on Monday. She's eating a marshmallow (once the head of a skeleton cupcake created by a mom much more talented than I am! I wanted to sign up for paper plates, but when that was taken, I brought ranch dip.) Alas, this was just the tip of the refined-sugar iceburg.

A ragtag bunch :) Amelie's teachers were dressed up as crayons.

There was a parade.

General silliness.

"Rawr"ing like a dinosaur.

Some games.

And then I just let her run around like a wild thing until every last child and parent left the gym.

James sporting his pumpkin onesie.

Amelie is interested in whatever it is he's doing.

Thanks for the big-girl pumpkin shirt for Amelie, Karen S!

The kiddos matched so well, I wanted to get a picture of them together. This is what happened with that plan. I love the indignant look on James's face.

At least James will sit still longer for a picture.

Er, maybe not so much.

Little brother spent the rest of the evening in the handy-dandy ring sling.

Getting ready.

Not the happiest trick-or-treater on the block.

Amelie wanted to be a dinosaur and never waivered from that request. She did switch to a purple dinosaur (she's never even heard of Barney), and that was what she ended up with (more or less!)

She was good about holding our hands.

I went around our block with Sam and then went home to pass out candy. Dada and Amelie ended up doing a lot of trick-or-treating all around the neighborhood

Going up to Annie June's house.

She got mixed up about when to say "Trick or Treat?" and when to say "Thank You."

At home with the loot.


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