Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Newborn Sleep

I have several blog posts to catch up on (and pictures to find that I should have somewhere -- on the computer or the camera or saved someplace), so the next few posts are most likely going to be slightly out of chronological order. (As in, these were all taken before James was a month old and the last post has pictures from his one-month birthday.)

Anywho, James sleeps a ton -- probably 19 hours a day, and sometimes more. The problem is that he likes to sleep like this:

For the uninitiated  that's on a boppy pillow, on my lap, right after nursing. He's nursing every couple of hours -- sometimes more and likes to sleep on someone's lap or chest (mostly mine). In fact, he's on my lap right now as I'm typing :)

I have a baby carrier, and need to get in the habit of using it more. I'm also hoping that he'll maybe sleep some in the swing now that he has a little more neck control.

I did wish for a cuddly baby, though, and that's what I got!

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  1. He is darling. And it's crazy that he and this littlest person I have are both "babies." He's so tiny and sweet.