Monday, March 7, 2011

Catch-up Post

Here's a post just to get me caught up with a bunch of photos (and one video!) with no particular theme.

Horsey Giraffe is still fun, even if Amelie no longer has dangling toys on the carseat. (She's still rear-facing, but has moved to the convertible carseat that says put in the car, so there's no carrying handle to dangle toys from.)

This one looks just slightly maniacal.

We recently moved the baby gate from Amelie's door to our door, so that she can crawl on the whole top floor, but not into our room. Before, when she was confined to her room most of the time, she looked like a forlorn little prisoner.

Even though Amelie is 9 months old, she still loves to use the bumbo chair. (This is a product typically marketed towards babies who can't sit up well on their own yet.) I think she likes to be up high on the table top or counter, plus it makes a handy and compact high chair. I do have to poke her chubby legs down into the holes, but once she's in, she's comfortable. We'll see how much more use we get out of it!
A lot of Amelie's sleepers have animal faces on the feet. This new one from Grandma Mary Beth has fuzzy duck faces on the feet and Amelie gets a big kick out of them.

Amelie loves, loves, loves to feed herself. Here she's eating beans and peaches and mum-mums.

Why don't they get this baby a bib?

And, finally, the promised video of Amelie laughing like crazy at Sam.

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