Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Long Video

Or, "In Which Amelie Amuses Herself for 12 Minutes."

Or, "Amelie Has Entirely Too Many Toys."

Or, "I Meant to Get a Video of Amelie Sliding Backwards, but She Decided Not to Cooperate."

As you can see, there are several alternate titles to this blog post, but mostly it consists of a video of Amelie moving around in a 2-foot circle of toys for 12 minutes. Yes, I posted a 12-minute video of my daughter doing nothing new or essentially interesting. I don't really expect many other people to be interested in all of it, but it would be even longer if the camera battery hadn't died. You've been warned.

I like how she takes a little rest at the 6-minute mark.

If your volume is turned up super-loud and you can hear Schroeder whining at 9 minutes, it's because Sam comes home.

If you want to skip the video, here are some regular photos I took, too. Overkill? I think not.

Crazy Einstein hair baby!

She did eventually get all of the pop-ups down.

Thank you to Grandma Mary Beth for the pop-up toy and the stacking rings, to Aunt Juli for the Violet nighttime dog, to Shauna for the sock monkey, and to our insurance agent for the "Good Neigh Bear."

Also, we put the CD player up on the dresser so it (and its cord) would be out of reach. I'm not sure what to do about the lamp cord, though, besides watch her when she's on the floor.


  1. The video was so cute! And I love crazy hair pictures.

  2. We watch this video over and over again!!! Wish the battery hadn't died. Thanks. And we, too, love the crazy hair picture!

  3. Well, the CD player's been back on the floor recently (if we're in the room with Amelie), since that's the handiest place for it, but I did figure out a different way to plug in the lamp, so at least that's one less cord.