Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas & Bingo!

*Mom dropped the ball on this one and didn't take very many pictures of our Christmas visit to the great-grandparents in Bernie. Aunt Holly saved the day and shared a few pictures of the big event.

Christmas with the Williams was a grand time. Amelie got to meet her cousin Josie, who is five months old, and play bingo (even though she didn't win any games ... in all fairness, she was asleep for several rounds), plus she woke up and stayed up until 11pm!

Paw Paw

Amelie and Layla

Mom looks a little suspicious. Which one of these cards is the winner?

Amelie likes to hold her own card.

She got just a little distracted by Nana Jana

Look at Amelie's great big family! She looks very interested in cousin Josie's pretty hat.

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