Saturday, November 12, 2016

School Work

I'm very impressed with the school work coming home for both Amelie and James.

James is writing and writing and writing. Can you see where this one says "Happy Halloween"?

James also loves to draw and draw. They've pretty much quit giving him clean pieces of paper at preschool because he goes through so many every day, and he's using the backs of other things they've printed out.

Amelie is doing addition and subtraction in math with number bonds (and with regular addition/subtraction problems). If you can't see it clearly, 2 of the numbers are filled in and the student has to come up with the other one, either by adding the two bottom numbers together or subtracting one of the bottom numbers from the top one:

Here, they're suppose to draw pictures and write the word underneath of things that start with the same sound as the picture and letters at the top. Under S, she put "snake" and "sun." Under T, she put a tiger going "grr" and my absolute favorite - a tire swing! I thought the Buffaloes would get a kick out of it as well. For St, she has "stairs" and "stamp."

We went to parent-teacher conferences yesterday and got a great report. I mentioned that we hadn't seen any writing come home in her folder, and Ms. Hanney had Amelie get out her writing portfolio. She had many good pieces, including one 4-page story all about her cousin Ellie's birthday, and then several that weren't finished.

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  1. I am laughing. Tire swing is so cute. And we used to have to do the same thing with Luke that they are doing with James. He could have gone through an entire ream of paper per day if we'd let him!