Saturday, August 20, 2016

James Says / Amelie Says, Olympics Edition

Amelie really liked the opening ceremony:
"They're dancing with fireworks! That is so not safe."

During several events, Amelie asked, "Which one are we voting for?" Remember, we'd just stayed up to watch the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Boy are we in for a rude awakening when school starts.

James, watching Olympic track: "Which one's the Flash?"
Later he said, "Actually, they're all Flash."
Amelie, explaining Usain Bolt's speed: "The lightening goes into him."
She then proceeded to demonstrate Bolt's speed by racing around the house. After a fair amount of boasting, Sam had to say, "I don't think you could beat him in a race."

Honestly, I thought they'd be more interested in all of the events. They'd peek in every once in a while while Sam and I were watching and then try to imitate the athletes.


And one non-Olympics one: Coming out of school the other day, Amelie told me "It's as hot as a baked bean out here."

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