Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Silly Fish

Here is one of Amelie's compositions, written on March 10th and titled "Silly Wish." She did this one on a day that they had a substitute and it just came home in her backpack with nothing on it from the teacher, so I think it must have been completed solo. (I showed Ms. Hanney the next day, though!)

A fish thought she could make a wish. He wish he could have a pet shark but he did not know that a shark would eat him and that is why he was a silly fish and he got a shark and he got eaten. That is the end of his life. He could have wished he could have a pet fish.

I love the invented spellings. I particularly liked:

"yie" for "why"
"atin" for "eaten" -- but maybe she was saying "ate-en"?
"ind" for "end"
"wisht" for "wished"

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