Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Trick or Treating

This is a little late, but here we go! We had a great Halloween.

Amelie had several costume changes in the afternoon on October 31st. This is what she started out wearing, for underneath her ghost costume.

James had a last-minute costume change as well. He didn't wear the Jake and the Neverland Pirates costume I made for him (though he did wear it around the house several times), choosing the crocodile costume that Amelie wore when she was three out of the dress-up-clothes drawer instead.

James, 3 years old:

Amelie, 3 years old:

There's our ghost. Amelie said for a long time that she wanted to be a ghost, so I cut some holes in an old sheet.

She liked running around in it in the yard.

And scaring her brother.

But then she decided that it might be hard to trick-or-treat in the ghost costume, and carry her pumpkin, and her flashlight, and her trick-or-treat-for-Unicef box.
So she chose the tigger costume from the dress-up drawer. It was very hard waiting for it to get dark -- such a shame that the end of daylight savings was the next day! Here is Amelie staring at the clock until it turned 6:15. 

We got our first trick-or-treater before it got dark, and the kids rushed out to give her candy in the yard instead of just opening the door.

I borrowed a wig with LED lights from Nana Jana and went as an alien. I got lots of compliments, providing my own lighting and whatnot.

Still waiting, and all ready to go with buckets and flashlights.
Waiting on Dada to take a picture, too.

Finally, I said it was time.

Our first stop (as is now tradition) was at our neighbor Ann's house.

We live in just the best neighborhood. One family had a smore station, another had a bonfire and hotdogs, and another was passing out cider. I volunteered us for popcorn balls next year. Amelie's friend across the street invited a bunch of their friends over just to walk around in our neighborhood because it's so awesome. One house even did a haunted house in the garage, but we just tiptoed up to the door and ran away because it was too scary.

When we got home from trick-or-treating, Amelie put on her Princess Elsa dress from Aunt Tara (also from the dress-up drawer) and my light-up wig. Oh - and I almost forgot - Amelie raised $15, mostly in loose change, by trick-or-treating for UNICEF.

Sam made Halloween candy pancakes the next morning (as is now also tradition). Next year, Halloween is on a Monday, so there won't be nearly as much time for costume changes as waiting around all day on Saturday. 

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