Monday, March 25, 2013

First Foods

Ready, Set ...

James's first food was sweet potato!

We're doing baby-led solids again (also called baby-led weaning, you can read more about it here). Basically, it means really waiting until the baby is good and ready for solid food, using almost all regular table foods, and mostly just letting the baby feed himself.

It's a messy process.


He's also had a very, very ripe pear

I think it's been his favorite so far. I've got some more ripening in a brown paper bag right now.

I would really like it if he wanted to eat this avocado. It's so good for babies! He might have consumed half a teaspoon before he dumped the avocado off and played with the spoon.

*As an added benefit, Amelie's eaten an enormous quantity of sweet potato and pear over the past week. She's not buying into the avocado goodness, either, though. 

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