Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Last year, Amelie had three different wardobe changes for Halloween. This year, she had three different Halloween outfits, but we spread it out over three days. She wore her "My Mummy Loves Me" outfit to daycare, then her "Little Pumpkin" t-shirt to carve pumpkins at home, then the Super Baby costume I made tonight to pass out candy.

She isn't quite decided about the cape.

That's one way to wear it.

I think she looks quite the super hero here.

Off to save the world!

Amelie is thinking about whether or not she should share her candy with the dog.

Nope. Not going to share.

Yes, her cheeks are full of Snickers.

After waiting around for trick-or-treaters (we only got 3 groups of kids), Sam walked Amelie across the street to our neighbor Ann's house.

Super Baby!

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