Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Amelie's Day

5 months and 1 week old
7:30am ~ Awake & nurses in bed
7:45am ~ New diaper time
8:00am ~ Play gym rolling around time
8:45am ~ Walking around the house time
8:55am ~ Back on the mat
9:05am ~ Starting to get a little unreasonable
9:10am ~ Nurses
9:20am ~ Swaddled, pacified, patted on back
9:25am ~ Incredibly offended at being put down for a nap
9:26am ~ Nurses again
9:40am ~ Naptime for real
12:15pm ~ Hey! How long have you been awake? Smiling and happy.
12:20pm ~ New diaper
12:30pm ~ Nurses
12:50pm ~ Doing housework with Mom in the Moby Wrap, plus a trip outside to take out the compost. (Here's an old picture of the baby in the Moby, just for reference.)

1:10pm ~ Playing in the exersaucer, banging toys together, spinning the lady, staring at the dog.

*Notice the books stacked up so that her feet can touch.
1:20pm ~ Making loud noises
1:30pm ~ Rubbing her eyes and starting to fuss. Could she be tired already? Takes a trip outside to check on the mail (not here yet)
1:35pm ~ Back in the Moby, still acting a little tired, but she loves going up and down the stairs
1:45pm ~ A little naked time, then all lotioned up
2:00pm ~ Nurses
2:30pm ~ Down for her afternoon nap
4:00pm ~ Awake and gets a new diaper from Aunt Holly. Hey! When did you get here? Where did Mom go?
4:15pm ~ Takes a 4 ounce bottle
4:45pm ~ Exersaucer, take two
5:15pm ~ Tired of that, moves to the bouncy chair

5:35pm ~ Hanging out on the mat again
6:20pm ~ Bottle time, this time from Dad
7:00pm ~ Bouncy chair
7:30pm ~ New diaper and then back on the mat. Don't you people ever hold the baby?
7:45pm ~ Fussy and swaddle and bottle
8:00pm ~ Asleep in the bouncy chair
8:15pm ~ Successfully transferred asleep in the crib
9:20pm ~ Half-awake to nurse one last time in the glider, right back to the crib
12:00midnight ~ Back awake already, eats in the bed
6:00am ~ Fussing, eats, hangs out in bed with Dad
8:00am ~ Awake for the day

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  1. Every day is a big day. But at least you got a 2 1/2 hour nap from the early fussing :)