Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Amelie's Day

So, this is a little late. (Did I mention Holly had the computer?)

According to Your Baby's Development, "Your newborn may be alert two to three hours per day ..."

Well, not our newborn. A few weeks ago, I kept track of everything Amelie did in about a 24 hour period.

Amelie’s Day Wed 6/30/10
10:15pm - Sleeping peacefully in bassinet. Isn’t she a good baby to let her parents sleep?
3:50am - Of course she’s awake! It’s almost 4!
3:55 – Gets a new diaper, takes medicine, nurses in bed.
4:20 – Worn out from all that activity, sleeping in bassinet.
5:55 – You mean it’s not quite time to start a new day? New diaper, nurses in bed.
6:15 – Fitful sleeping with pacifier in bassinet.
7:45 – Awake!
7:50 - Has second breakfast, is patted on the back, gets a new diaper, is carried around, rocks in the rocker, nurses in the rocker, put in the swing asleep.
9:45 - Sleeps in swing.
11:20 – Oh, it’s so hard to be a baby. Wakes up crying, spits up, new diaper, takes medicine.
11:30 – Fussy.
11:40 – Nurses in rocking chair.
11:50 – Alert, is carried around.
12:05 – Eats lazily to sleep.
12:25 – Sleeps on Mom in the rocker.
12:35 – Sleeps in the bouncy chair in the dining room.
1:15 – Awake and quietly suspicious in the bouncy chair.
1:25 – Falls asleep in the bouncy chair while I take a shower. Oh, the soothing sounds of water running.
2:40 – Wakes crying, thinks, “Hey! Where did you go? What happened to that noise of water running? Why would you leave me in here alone?” Gets a new diaper, fussy.
2:45 - Eating. Sometimes she’s a slowpoke.
3:15 – Really, one of her favorite things is a new diaper and playing on changing table.
3:30 – A little fussy, spit up, new outfit!
3:40 – Played on floor. Did I mention that she can roll over?
3:50 – Thinks, “Hey! I didn’t mean to roll over! What happened?” Cries and spits up.
4pm - Takes medicine, puts on another new outfit and a new diaper, is happy.
4:05 - Really really fussy time, is swaddled, pacifier, walking around.
4:15 - Walking around the house, looking at things, calm.
4:30 - Sleeping on Sam. She likes to sleep on us, so that even when she is napping we can’t get anything done.
5:05 – Almost wakes up, but is successfully transferred to the bouncy chair.
5:05 - Sleeping in bouncy chair. Man, oh man, she loves her bouncy chair.
5:15 – Awake, happy, nurses, new diaper.
5:40 — Eating again.
5:55 - Awake, happy.
6:30 - Eating, dozed off for 3 min, new diaper.
7:15 – Fussy baby time.
7:25 - Slept on walk in stroller.
7:50 – Nursed.
7:55 - Calm, then fussy, then new diaper.
8:05 - Happy on changing table.
8:30 - Bath time! Dad is a great bath-giver :)
8:45 – Fussy again. Thinks, "Just put me back in the bath! Why did I have to get out of the bath?"
9:05 - Dad gives me a bottle.
9:40 - 10:15 - Happy, hanging out on changing pad, new diaper.

Grand Totals:
Awake: 10 hours, 45 minutes
Crying: 1 hour, 15 minutes
Diapers: 10
Eats: 12 times
Wardrobe changes: 3